I shudder when she holds me
Ache when I hear my name
Moaned as a prayer
She whispers her love
Dark embracing my soul
Melting away until I am not me

Where My Beloved? (2013)

Where are you my beloved
I slept for many an eon
The ache for you is deep inside
I bury the desires, try to hide
The love leads to longing
This longing pleasant suffering
My joy is in her smile
My delight is the touch of her skin
Honour in serving her, unseen
To call her my beloved queen
This is the knight’s pleasure
And as Wesley in princess bride
Is known to say, “As you wish.”
Is my eternal answer
For every order my retort
Is my devotion for her
Where are you my beloved
That this Knight may say
“I love you,” and hold you
Forever here in dreams

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Dear Aniya- A poem

I see you, reach for you
But I cannot hold you
I miss those fond memories
It is selfish though, keeping you to me
Wanting us to be together
Asking you to be mine forever
I said I’d let you go
If I hesitate, you’ll never know
But I am always honest, always true
Lady of the shadows I do love you

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Crude Love (2014)

I want to drink the ambrosia from her cup
To bask in the essence of her joys
And if ever I am able, to ease her sorrow
I want to be strength when her light fades
Just as she’s always been mine
Her smile lit a million dark roads
Inside the stonewalled palace of a heart
My bitter soul if only it too were a light
To illuminate her path and lead her
From love’s despair, if only they could
My blunt, crude way, help her see
My words come from love, solid and true
I want to be there, Anita, for you

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Darling don’t Worry

Babe don’t worry
Love don’t you dare cry
I’m here waiting
On the other side
And when I find you
Darling, I’ll be there
Forever yours so true
I’ll stay at your side
The pain I know
Fills your soul
But baby don’t worry
you’ll be my angel
I’ll be your king
If you want me to
I’m here darling
Waiting forever for you

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Sailor Venus

The sound of your voice is painted
Like melody over my memory
I never will get over losing you
I keep wishing and dreaming
In all the stars I see your face
You are Venus, Aphrodite, a goddess
Though you know not how lovely
You are my divinity of love and grace
Most beautiful of all women
I lost you but I will find you once more
My love is yours, I’ll be the shadow you adore

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I grow weary with apology
Over and over I try to tell you
My heart pierced with agony
Yet I never denied my fondness
It a not like Anika, hard to explain
I hear her in my dreams, “change my mind.”
And it is driving me insane
I don’t wish to argue or cry
Don’t stop my wings
I’m already a shattered bitter soul
Just a raven desperate to sing
I don’t mean to be as upset, it’s true
She smiles in dreams, yet not her eyes
I live forever in these dreams bathed blue
Like water I drink her somber sighs, her laughs
I love this witty, wiley woman
Forgive this frail fragile hearted man

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Forever Sworn to Sora

Fair Sora, once more I dreamt of you
Leaned in my arms, watery eyes
I should not speak to her, my love,
For I keep hearing your sweet song
I try so hard to be a guiding light
With words of patience and verse
In the end it only makes matters worse
I love every ebony strand of hair
The curve of lips in smile curled
I describe your loveliness
With such care and diligence
When I do she slides from lucid
To a world not real, a dream I can’t feel
Every time, though I never claim false
I find myself in humble apology
Sora, I sigh, I am sorry, so sorry
I never proclaimed to love or desire
After all only MY SORA has my fire
But, whispering doubt seeps like toxins
What if? Wall the heart, Damien Knight,
Guard the soul from her, from dreams
I try every time, but my heart won’t listen
I want to be beside the lady of shadows
Ever persistent I won’t let this love go
Yes, dear Sora, last night I held tight
My heart desires only your true light
When you wake from your dreams
I know you cannot remember me
No, not the way, I see you in glow
I will wait, eternal, sworn forever, for you

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A World Without Aniya

By Damien Knight

Her light shines through my shadows
I can’t love her as I yearn
Nor reach her radiating glow
Aniya, were you not reborn
Did you choose not to exist?
I don’t wish to live in such a world
One without your beauty, grace
A world without your gaze
Is a world i refuse to spend my days

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