Missing You

I miss the old you 
the one I thought I knew.
I miss the light we had
but it's all broken glass.

Come home to me
like you use to do.
Wake up my dear,
I'm still here for you.

How broken this world is
and I'm alone in it.
But I miss the old you
the one I thought I knew.

Thinking of Her

I think of the stars
Falling like rain
Faster than the tears
Down your face, lady of mist

I wonder if you think
Of all the lines I write
Do you know im worried?
Thinking of you?

I try to forget
Those long forgotten dreams
I see you no more
But I tremble

For the stars are falling
around my troubled moon
And I am ever calling
Return to me soon…

I know She’s not my lady
The one my heart’s so sure
But I worry so
Come find the shade’s door

Here I will wait
Evermore for lady Sora
Knowing it might be eternity
Before she ever returns to me

This Love is Death

I was in love with Lenore
The beautiful maiden
Of the sunlit shores
The Raven’ s delight
My Annabelle li was my dream
How I miss her tonight
The seplechure was not for her
No this tomb holds me tight
A death to love made of fear
Painted in deep tones of agony
Lost in my own inabilities
All because I cling to misery
Oh lady of Shadow’s who I love more
Than any being in this reality
If you walk this waking world
I am here, yours to hold, be forever happy

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In Darkness

“I fell in love with the darkness.”
The Lady of light whispered to me,
“You’re mysterious, My shadowed prince.”
Lady of fire this darkness is agony
The shadows weigh heavy on my arms
Your brilliance, a necessity, my troubled moon
If I cannot save me, can I keep you from harm?
Alas i am the raging typhoon
The storm locks away your light
“Embrace the shadows, take flight weary black-bird”
I try, is the battle worth this fight?
How when my voice goes unheard?
Stay with me and know I am yours
Love my darkness as I bask in your shine
I can’t fight for me, but of you I’m sure
Stand against the world knowing you’re mine

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Fire of Heart

Her love is fire
hot and dangerous
Who dares approach?
Her passion burns bright
With brilliant flames
I desire to fly close
To the beacon of her heart
I long to bath in it’s warmth
And to stoke the eternal light
I will brave the burning
And love her forever more

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If I said how I loved you,
You would still doubt me
To you, I am merely the Prince of lies
I am the deceiver, whispered phrases
Consume the darkness
Yet you question me over
And I fill with despair
How can I be worthy of you
When you believe I’m untrue?
My beloved lady here I wait
Devoted, please believe me
My love is yours every day

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One Day?

Hello, my love, I write to you
These uninspired lines of melancholy blue
To paint my soul for you to see
Black as night caged in misery
Why? you ask I do not know
But here we are, and I can’t let go
Of the hope that I’ll see your face
And you will one day find your place
At my side and in my arms
With me to protect you from harm
Until then this weary prince of pain
Will happy see you in his dreams again

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