Free Me (2012)

Princess of light lead from the dark
The world is overwhelming help me see
I close my eyes and drift to happy times forgot
Lady of the fire set me free

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One Day?

Hello, my love, I write to you
These uninspired lines of melancholy blue
To paint my soul for you to see
Black as night caged in misery
Why? you ask I do not know
But here we are, and I can’t let go
Of the hope that I’ll see your face
And you will one day find your place
At my side and in my arms
With me to protect you from harm
Until then this weary prince of pain
Will happy see you in his dreams again

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Broken Doll: A Vision

By Damien Knight

I dreamt last night of you so fair
In my arms you stood with gentle care
I held you, your glassy obsidian hair
Draped over my shoulders just right there

My heart froze to feel you limp against me
Like a broken doll, for me to carry
All the weight of your sorrow and beauty
Another vision, another lie, another misery

I knew looking into your dark eyes
You would once more speak my heart’s demise
Lady of Shadow’s I know my dreams aren’t lies
Stood as if your frame fractured, your heart cries

I would say so much, I want to hold you
Lift you up and speak things true
I know, it won’t ever be, I can’t love anew
My heart is walled, no one will ever truly do

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Tragic Souls

By Damien Knight

Here I am, patient, a shadow in the night
There you exist the fragment of my light
If I cannot love you, if fate shan’t permit
Then let me befriend you, I won’t forget
Not a second goes by the visions haunt
Pain, Aniya, of each reincarnation taunts
I am aware of the web I have weaved myself
The fact I do this, can’t be anyone else
Despair not my darling sakura bloom
Wipe the tears and shake the gloom
I see everything, understand nothing
I am here for you, misery’s tragic king

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Am I in Love?

By Damien Knight

I hold my breath with each moment
Is this love, or will it be another regret
No rules, no contracts, but firm I stand
I want to take her by the hand
I want to hold her, kiss her, love her forever
My heart beats fast, I have found a treasure
An international delight, she widens my view
I can’t help how I fallen for her it is true
I close my eyes and immediately I am at her side
I refuse to let a day pass us by
I feel sure I am in love, dare I say
I just fear she will be yet another who doesn’t stay

Good Night

By Damien Knight

I ache physically and mental
The agony of silence torments me.
I need touch ever gentle
My eyes droop so sleepy.
All I think of is you.
Princess, my pages are blank
Even my rhymes have no clue.
How can I be frank,
100 degrees, losing inspiration.
Can’t write my poems or book
Good night for now my passion.
Meanwhile stay love and look,
At all I have done before.
Find comfort at my writing’s door.

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By Damien Knight

All day I have waited for you.
My fever burns, my chest tight
I just need comfort it’s true
And your words became my light.
You say you are not as clear as I.
Your love is plain to me.
I’m choked, feel as I could die
I complain when I feel sickly.
One day I won’t have to suffer alone
A hand strokes my hair with kindness.
Yes I’ll hold you for my own
And we will be together in bliss.

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