Classic Jump-rope Rhyme


A rewrite of an old rhyme By Damien Knight
The worms crawl in and the worms crawl out
this is what death is all about
they come in your eyes and out your snout
yes this is what my death is all about

a glimpse of life’s pleasantries
only bring me misery
and death has now set me free
glad I no longer breath

the worms crawl in the worms crawl out
they play pinochle on my scalp
yes this my dears is what deaths about
and now my loves I’m signing out

Torment Forever

By Damien Knight

Smile for me just a little
Don’t worry won’t hurt a bit
It’s your soul in my hands
your heart bleeding slit
Huh, you complaining crying out
It feeds me so scream
I wanna hear you shout
Cuz your pain makes me hungry
I am starved for blood
Thirsting to drink the cup
Of untamed passion
And you, I would eat up
Devouring you as you plead
Master, spare my soul
But I spare none
Destruction my goal
And when I am done
I will kiss you softly
my sweet precious one
and love you forevermore