I am on Fivrr

Damien Knigh

I have started 2 gigs on fivrr. I will inform you all how this goes and what success I have by the end of the month. I also am trying out let go and will write a review of these apps.


Tiptastic Tuesday: Money Tips

  • Damien

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First off today I am going to talk about something important. MONEY. According to The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey the first step out of debt is creating a savings. For me this is very hard. I find it easy to spend cash and very hard to save. So I want to show you one method the book recommends to create that first thousand dollar savings.


Step one: Purchase a picture frame.

2. Open the back.

Insert the money you plan to save.

Close it up and hide it.


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By: Damien Knight

Why do we spend
What we do not have?
And in the end
We go under.
Why  do we buy
What we don’t need?
We never try to save a thing.
We act like
Money grows on trees.
We buy toy mikes
And other useless commodities
Even when we
Do not have the money.
I just do not see
Why we do this
When it leaves us…