Motivation Monday: Humility and Humanity

Humility, what is it? Humility is the act of being humble. The dictionary states it is a modest or low view of one’s own importance. I recently heard a talk on the importance of humility. On it’s meaning and how to embrace humility.

Humility is grounded in humanity. Not so much lowering ones self below others but remembering ones self as part of humanity.

The origin of the word could come from the word “umbles or numbles ” which were the lower cuts of meat, intestines or loins of deer and dog. Used in 15th century English originally. When hungry we remember we are human.

Humility is strength and purpose, it is not a meanness, not superiority. It is the value at the core of several faiths. Islam itself means surrender, humility to god. Jesus humbled himself before his disciples by washing their feet. A Sanskrit virtue “neti” is “I am not.” It is a virtue of humility, essential to find your humanity.