The Ikefukurou Café

Written By : Aaron Knapp

There’s a café in Ikebukuro, Tokyo that is fascinating. This café is a niche interest place for certain individuals. You can make reservations online for this café and it is encouraged. Included in the entrance fee, is a refreshment for participants. The inhabitants of the café live there. Ikebukuro, Tokyo is known for its department stores, shops, food, and it’s large train station. One can easily get lost this area. Luckily a few friends are placed around the area to help you out. Statues in the subway help to show people a good meeting point for meetings friends. The bushes outside showed people the importance of reading.


Owls Reading

The café I was interested in was not about department stores, shops, or food. This part of town held my interest as the location of an owl café named Ikefukurou. Ikefukurou is named such as to combine the name Ikebukuro and the Japanese word for owl: Fukuro.

I was searching cat café’s and saw an ad that had an owl café. I stopped to look on their Facebook page and found their addres. I enjoyed the look of the place and thought the cafe might be a fun place to visit. I was going to Sunshine City (department store area) that morning, so I made my way to the area and found the place. The café had just opened, so I made my in person reservations, only to not be able to make reservations till after lunch. This worked out okay as I was hungry and had not had breakfast.

I went to Sunshine City and came back to the café that evening. I dropped my bags off I paid my entrance fee, which had to be paid in cash. Not a big deal as I had the correct amount of 1200 yen (around $11 USD). After a quick introduction of the rules the employees gave us all hand sanitizer and we came into the cafe.

I took pictures and got to pet several owls. I could not pick a favorite as I enjoy owls. The owls looked well taken care of and were well adjusted to contact with human strangers. Most seemed eager to get to a higher ground by climbing your shoulder. Most enjoyed getting the little head scratches, and pets. I was sad to leave after my 45 minutes were up. I received my refreshment, gathered my bags, and bid my farewells to my owl friends. I left with a smile on my face and a few pictures on my phone.


About Aaron

By Aaron Knapp

Hello, I am Aaron. I work long 12-14 hour days. In my free time I take pictures, play video games on PC, and watch anime. I do not watch a lot of tv as I do not have cable. I currently travel for work and will try to write travel blogs when my jobs require me to travel. This is my first time participating in a blog. I never thought about what to do for one until somebody suggested I do travel food blogs, suggesting that people may want to try places that they find on blogs. I also have traveled to Japan and Korea. These locations came about from luck and checking dates on travel sites. I wish I could find more, and maybe someone can message me about sites that are low cost, so I can do more travel blogs.

(Side note from Damien on Aaron. He is awesome. My partner takes amazing photos. He loves to travel and collects ball jointed dolls. His favourite animals are wolves and owls and he had the awesome opportunity to go to an owl café in Japan. I hope to convince him to write about that experience.)


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Aaron and Owl