Forever Sworn to Sora

Fair Sora, once more I dreamt of you
Leaned in my arms, watery eyes
I should not speak to her, my love,
For I keep hearing your sweet song
I try so hard to be a guiding light
With words of patience and verse
In the end it only makes matters worse
I love every ebony strand of hair
The curve of lips in smile curled
I describe your loveliness
With such care and diligence
When I do she slides from lucid
To a world not real, a dream I can’t feel
Every time, though I never claim false
I find myself in humble apology
Sora, I sigh, I am sorry, so sorry
I never proclaimed to love or desire
After all only MY SORA has my fire
But, whispering doubt seeps like toxins
What if? Wall the heart, Damien Knight,
Guard the soul from her, from dreams
I try every time, but my heart won’t listen
I want to be beside the lady of shadows
Ever persistent I won’t let this love go
Yes, dear Sora, last night I held tight
My heart desires only your true light
When you wake from your dreams
I know you cannot remember me
No, not the way, I see you in glow
I will wait, eternal, sworn forever, for you

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My Passion, My Crime

By Damien Knight

I pour my heart upon the page
Spilling out my passion.
My love a crime for the age
My lust my greatest sin.
I yearn to lace my fingers
Through your thick hair.
My kiss a taste that’ll linger
Once I am there.
I’ll trace your flesh like clay
And mold you for myself.
Just promise you will stay
Take your heart off the shelf.
I’ll protect it as my treasure.
You have my devotion
And my love without measure.
I just want your submission
To hear you say you love me.
This makes my heart beat
And sets my soul free.
I love you my princess sweet.

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