Persuasive Letter (BrainQuest Task)

Dear Jeff,

Please come with me to Momo-con. It is going to be great fun. We must cosplay, that’s the best. Cosplay is like dressing up for Halloween but cooler. Registry opens at 9 and the event starts at 10 am. It’s not a competition, everyone goes for fun.
The best part is that you can see your favourite anime characters and comic heroes. People do amazing cosplays of them. The panels are really cool, you get to ask voice actors questions and learn about the characters. You also can see some strange things like, a dinosaur playing DDR or an Army of Pikachus.
I really hope you will come with us next year.

Your friend,

(Note from Damien: This was one of Jay’s Home-school Assignments)

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Why People Should Run

By Cera Knapp


Author Photo

Running is very important because it keeps you fit. It is healthy to run. It is a fun exercise you can do just about anywhere. I think it is the best exercise. If you run enough you can lose weight. Everyone should run. You can even use running instead of cars to go short distances. Running is fast. That is why I think everyone should run more.