The Dog is Home!

After all these years I finally have my dog. A few years ago we handed or Alaskan Klee Kai over to my mother in law while our traveler Aaron lived in Korea. We still do not have a fence. Cera would like you all to help her get Nana a fence.  #kleekai




By: Damien Knight

I have owned 3 rabbits in my life and gained a special love for them. I use to view them as not very bright but Ebry, he changed that. I was one of the few people he liked. I drew this after gaining my newest bunny Butters. Butters is a sweet lionhead bunny, seeing her sit by her water dish inspired me. It’s a simple sketch.

Wild Cat in The Grass

By: Damien Knight


This Acrylic on paint-board is a cat basking in grass. I have a fondness for cats and this one was inspired by my Bengal named Snow. My great sadness that my Snow is now no longer with us. He passed Christmas eve 2016. As a sort of memento to his memory I am going to post some pictures of him below. He will be missed.


Snow’s favourite Sleeping spot

We found Snow still crying at my neighbour’s porch after the man had already moved two month prior. We knew Snow was a Bengal as his owner told us so before he moved. We assumed he took the cat with him.


Who could abandon this sweet cat?

Hurricane was coming and I couldn’t leave him outside so I squatted and called, “Here Snow!” and the big boy jumped right in my arms. This was around 2011, 2012. From then on he was our big baby. He fathered two litters of cats with our Jewel. He brought us great joy and came just after we had lost another male cat who was as sweet as he was.


My little girl’s Bestie

So, of all the cat’s I have painted, all the cats to inspire me, sweet Snow I love and miss you.

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