Missing You

I miss the old you 
the one I thought I knew.
I miss the light we had
but it's all broken glass.

Come home to me
like you use to do.
Wake up my dear,
I'm still here for you.

How broken this world is
and I'm alone in it.
But I miss the old you
the one I thought I knew.

America Is Freedom *

What’s freeing about watching kids die?
What’s freeing watching politicians lie?

Do you feel free when mothers cry?
Oh but of course what do you care?
Believing you’ll be a millionaire.

Voting to strip away others freedom,
While claiming to be prolife and family.
What an utter joke the party of values!
And it’s willful ignorance! useless!

Do you feel free making others suffer?
Oh surely you must have a proud mother.
That you vote to strip away her rights too!
And your children must be so proud of you!

As they cower in fear in the back of a classroom.
But sure America is freedom! You say
And it’s true, it’s freedom for cis white men
Just like you.


Like a passionate sea violent
My heart beats against the waves
Drown me in mourning oh dove
Your flowery song that saves

I whisper to shadows my letters
The words that pound my soul
And embrace in the dark my pain
Of never obtaining my goal

Fight onward the cry and jeer
My body a broken marionette
Dance they demand and i do
But my heart will never forget

I long for the sky open and free
Wistful I stare at the birds above
Alas fate has tied me to the ground
At least you’re here too my love

Today We Celebrate

Today we weep, 
Grieve the loss which burdens us
Today we mourn,
The empty shell which was left behind
Today we cry,
For those this year that had to die
We prepare traditional foods
Today we gather,
In honour of their memory
Today we rejoice, 
In the shared lives we had with them
Today we remember,
That they have never left us and so…
Today we celebrate,
Keeping their love for us alive

Grieved Heart

Open weeping break me down
how to smile? Dust on the ground
Float away leave me here
Drifting in these tears

Left alone to stare blank
At all the passing years
Memories flow away
Left with just my fears

You asked us to celebrate
But all I can do is break
The stream drowning me inside
May I drink and die?

Why must this hurt so much
The house so empty without you
Where is your laugh your touch
All I have are these memories

The house will empty of trace
And someday I may forget your face
And if I ever do I rather be gone now
Than to live thinking I'd forget somehow

New Year Wish

This is going to be casual
After all, what can I say
Am I wishing for a princess?
No, I wish for betterment
I spend all my life dreaming
Today, I want us all to wake
Do you see the flames fly
The world burned, S. Korea, Cali
Now Australia, I wish they’d listen
But goverment stoges sit
In offices cool and cozy
People March, people scream
People are dying everyday
But here I sit selfish dreams
New year wish to effect change
Raise the voices of the world
The meek, the dying, the silenced!


pain is not gentle, soft or kind
it does not caress or tender
pain is rough, rude, and callous
it is sharp and cruel and mocking
gentle is the wind of voice
gentle is the soft hand stern to guide
love takes you to good places
pain leads you to no good places