Still (Nov 2012)

By Damien Knight

If I were to speak
Would you know it were
That these words are yours
I say for you here
Do you see it is not
For any else dear
Love it does not fade
It changes in time
Dear it does not fade
From the beginning
To even now I love
Others held my heart
Truly those I had love
But not as I feel for you
I fell in deep dear
I wonder if you know
I’m still in love with you

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My Favourite Ways to Spend a Lazy Day

By Damien Knight

I like to spend lazy days playing video games, sleep and write. I use to play League of Angels all the time, Skyrim is still my favourite. Play MMO’s and RPG’s, they are a great way to escape reality for a few hours. You just go fight dragons, save Tamriel it’s great. Video games and story writing are methods of escape where I can be a hero, a villain or both. That’s how I spend a lazy day.

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