Motivation Monday: Be Like a River, Go with The Flow

Hey guys, this week I begin driving lessons! As you can see by the exclamation mark, I am very excited. I am also real nervous. I have not driven since my wreck in 2009. That wreck left me concussed and terrified of driving even though I was not at fault. Anyway, that’s beside the point.

Another exciting thing is the Geology spring break trip. I will go to the Mojave! I know little about the trip yet but I will write about it when I get back. Things are flowing, some good, no lots good but even when I got good flow I know life isn’t always smooth so today, My Motivation Monday is:


When the river flows, it does not avoid the rock but embraces the rock. Over time, the rock in the river is rounded and changed and the jagged edges become smooth. In this way we too must embrace obstacles that cannot be avoided. When a river cannot make it through rough terrain, it’s path changes. It is not wrong or unmotivated to change direction, to avoid obstacles which otherwise hinder us. But if it cannot be avoided (School Tests, Job interview, a Marriage) we must welcome, embrace the change, the hindrance and reshape it into our benefit. Be like a river my friends and go with the flow.


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Shadow Self

By Damien Knight

Blood dark as night
Black and potent
Mixed with the pain
That is your fight
Wondering when you see
That my blood is black
Dark like yours shadow
Ropes bind no slack
Keeping me my shadow
Chained to nightmares
Things I fear haunting me
I wake scared
I sleep on edge
Your name the last thought
Your name screaming
Shadows of darkness reeling
Trying to escape
Your name the first I wake
Take it how you see
But leave me my heart to break
This is where I am failed
Waking cuts on me
Sleeping bruised
Begging silently
Can’t be me
Words harsher than a Knife
I am slaughtered
By this life
Without you, death consumes me
Without you, shaded self,
I am a shadow’s shadow
Of a dream unreal

The Shadow’s Knight

By Damien Knight

Deep in the darkest corner
Where the mind goes to rest
Here I find you waiting
I become The Shadows guest

Here you offer me the chair
For now you command the night
Here you paint a picture
Of pain, joy, and sorrows light

As I try to stand you stop me
Words whispered about grace
And I sit again waiting
Hoping you will reveal your face

And then you speak to me
Your voice is strong
I am the one hiding you say
In my fear of being wrong

You are my Knight in the shadows
The angel of my very dreams
And yet it is my waking
That I see not all is as it seems

Only then do I realize the meaning
Only then do I understand
That only with you I have meaning
You are the one holding my hand