A lover’s Dream

By Damien Knight

I stand with you below the cave
A shadow, your mind I invade
My hand reaches to trace your face
Butterfly pin in your hair, a grace
No words exchanged I trace your lips
Filled with affection are my fingertips
My eyes sparkle my smile a tenderness
The waterfall trickles a sound of bliss
The flowers bloom in the field below
A glade of fire red, orange and glow
How sweet it would be to kiss under stars
As you dream I am there, where you are
As I dream of you every night
I hold you now, your dark Knight
These feelings they are real
When you wake find me, seal the deal
When we meet, all you’ll need is me
Your passionate love will set us free

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Tell Me a Lie (2012)

By Damien Knight

Tell me you love me even if it’s a lie
I feed on the feeling I get inside
Tell me you need me and here I am
When you leave I will understand
I want to be wanted it’s true
I want it to be a life with you
Tell me you desire my passion
The fire I have burns with in
Tell me you love me even if it’s a lie
Sweet Sora, without you I am sure to die

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By Damien Knight

All I ever dreamt of
Waking at your side.
Here I am love
Come be my bride.

Who has passion like I?
Who cares for me like you?
Aniya, my love is no lie
To you I am true.

Every love poem I write
I think of you.
These feelings I fight
leave me coloured blue.

This undead heart of mine
Heal it, give me life.
In your grace divine
Lady be my wife.

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By Damien Knight

Can I pour my soul into you?
Alas is that what lonely men do?
A damaged painting, corners torn,
Broken and faded we mourn
Our time lost to ego.
To the idea sometimes you just let go.
Your knight lost his purpose,
Felt his life was worthless.
Yet here I am and I live,
My heart, my soul I give.
Inside my body aches.
How many times, how many heartbreaks?
Would you return my kiss?
Would you smile at this?
Be my queen, hold onto my heart
Darling we will never be apart.

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By Damien Knight

Every day I love you.
Every night I dream.
I spoke my heart true,
I will stay with you.
My love like the sea
vast, deep, flows from me.
Are you Luna shining bright
pulling me through the night?
When I wake stay with me,
I promise I’ll never leave.


By Damien Knight

I languished tears at edge
selfish my desire
persistent my words a hedge
drowning the fire

my obsessive mind loud
feeding insecurity and lies
I gave weight, too proud
to admit them as false cries

What can I say?
In the past silence was the end
this is not the day
that I allow myself to bend

you ever bright my muse
a light dancing in my mind
your face lit the fuse
your voice soft and kind

You are love’s true desire
A princess for this pauper
You made me sire
and it is my eternal love I offer

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My Rose

By Damien Knight

A thorn that traces
the side of my flesh
is lovelier than any flower
in my garden.

The sighs I expel
when she is gone
could fog the evening
and form the dew.

The growl she elicits
when she is near
just under breath
I must control.

This hungry love
I feel so deep
this longing
I never want it to go.

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I Love You

By Damien Knight

Every drug has a price babe.

Oh, I wonder what the cost?

But you know I’m in love babe,

Without you I’d be lost!

And I am a romantic,

They say that is true.

But this romance on display,

I write it for you.

And each night this old crow

Lays in his forlorn nest

Alone but not really

For you are my rest.

And when the light hits,

And the dawn breaks,

I find myself eager

To once again wake.

My dreams not so pretty

As the green of your eyes.

I glance at my phone

Before I even rise.

I feel so different now

My confidence a king’s attire

And you the queen of my heart

Set my being on fire

How many languages can I use

to express my devotion?

Love is a language all its own

and mine for you a vast ocean

Without the words proper

I say my lady, my heart

I love you

And wish us never to part

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