Adieu – A Sonnet Of Sorts

There is a certain sort of sadness here
As I say farewell to dear Ho Chi Minh
How frightful, Vietnam, were those moments
Yet I wonder if this will be the end
I never meant you to suffer agony
I refuse still to ask you forgiveness
I did no wrong here, I am simply me
Living in a twisted world of darkness
I did not lead you on or lie to you
Yet my heart, weary, hope this is final
Go, princess, don’t look back, a last adieu
I am like the wind flying free and steady
Be strong as earth, Sora, forget koraki

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Lady of Shadow

By Damien Knight

The pale moon is not as bright as your lips,
your smile fades the twinkling starlight.
Nor does the sun stroke like your finger tips,
warm, your hands grip my soul embracing tight.

Your grace spreads a blanket across the night.
Your touch all I need for my heart to race.
Dripping sweet your voice in my ear is right.
Tender sensation with you I have place.

Many claim their love is as Aphrodite,
they have not beheld my dearest lady.
Your radiance divine, your strength mighty,
you, like Helen of Troy, drive men crazy

I would bask forever in my need of you
wearing desire proudly, I love true.