To Cry

Cry for life, for release
To mourn lost hope
Cry to save the soul
From buried pains
Cry to escape
The wretched wastes of mind
Cry to renew and find
Yourself in brighter days
Cry to remember or cry to forget
To erase or to dwell
Cry for all these of for nothing
Other than to cry
Crying can feel horrid
In it’s delightful release
So, cry, just cry

Ellewyn, please.

I tried so hard year after year
To forget the aching dream
How do I carry on you’re not with me
I loved and let go and my fears
You never did return, the one I couldn’t save
How I sometimes hurt so much
Wishing only to join you on the other side
For now I can only see your grave
Forgive me, I tried to move past this
Yet every year on this fateful day
Of how your Radiance was cut short
My light, Ellewyn, I beg forgiveness

In memory of Misty, April 5, 2005.

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To Fallstar

I plead you accept the facts
Face the truth he isn’t me
Don’t you get how hard this is
Seeing her in all your cries
Go I don’t ask you to stay anymore
I set you free
Take it of your own free will
Open the door
I know this is hard to believe
But the heart is a known deceiver
It lied to you, it was always me
My voice whispering a subtle wind
To toss your waves of emery hair
My song playing bitter muse
To cause your crystal tears unintended
Yes every verse with my name is me
I am Damien, but I am not he
So stop, don’t come to me crying for him
I’m selfish, bitter, depressed, angry
And he, your sweet adonis, isn’t me
I do not wish to dream of any other
Or call any name but Sora, my true Sora
She is the lady of shadows
The tide, the troubled moon, the broken dream
She’s the light, the blossom, Hoa, Sakura
The elegant flower of the misty forest
The mistress of fire, lady of dreams
Princess, the dragon queen
And she is the one who is shy yet stubborn
Well learned and well to do
Athletic, hard headed, her hair pinned tight
Her laugh causng creases on her face just so
She is the one i’ve called my flower
Ayana, Aniya, Anika, Sora, Tsuki
Every name poetic and different meaning
She is a goddess unseen, not real
Yet my worship is for her alone
Every poem of love devoted to the lady
Lady of mist and I her king of misery
Please I no longer wish to confuse you
Calling you by her name confused me
And you are not the same Sora
I can’t convince myself this but…

I must if you are to live happy

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Hate Everything

By Damien Knight

I wish I weren’t so clingy
That I didn’t obsess over memory
Wish I didn’t love you at all
Didn’t miss you, I want to hate
I want to hate how you lied
How you misaligned me to friends
Hate how its my fault
That I never meant for it to end.
I hate clinging and letting go
I let my feelings for you show
I was left lonely in the dirt
I don’t want us to “work.”
I want my Manda dear,
My lady with peritdot eyes
She who erases my fear
And has not yet to tell me lies

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By Damien Knight
I drank the poison, gulped it down

You wouldn’t have cared at all

I drank with sorrow to drown

Cuts on my wrists, carved by hypocrites 

Liers the lot of you with false care

I’ll do what I want, what I must 

You told me life wasnt fair

So I’ll murder life and bathe in death

Once the light fades from my eyes

Would you then weep for me

No I doubt it for you were filled with lies

And in the end at least I’m free

Evil Love

By Damien Knight

Love is void and heartless
I worship the darkness
Here is my food and drink
The blood and flesh, stink
Smiling lips dripped red
Another helpless man dead
On the altar of desire
Burning in the unholy fire
No light for men like me
Love does not need to see
Have we not heard cupid’s blind
And this is why we lose our mind
At the voice of Aphrodite
That we who were mighty
Become weak in heart
Tearing even the soul apart
Is there good in this evil love
Any salvation from above
Will I eat of joy again
I doubt I can make amend

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My Dream

I am dark, my light is gone
Only she can make me strong
But she is a dream
A mere fantasy it seems
I wake and he lays beside me
He is my world all I see
But even now I wake alone
No one but me on my own
I swallow my pain
Tears give me no gain
I see her black hair
But she is not there
He is real but not a light
She is my dream, feels so right
The chains that bind
Nothing like our bound minds

Wild Cat in The Grass

By: Damien Knight


This Acrylic on paint-board is a cat basking in grass. I have a fondness for cats and this one was inspired by my Bengal named Snow. My great sadness that my Snow is now no longer with us. He passed Christmas eve 2016. As a sort of memento to his memory I am going to post some pictures of him below. He will be missed.


Snow’s favourite Sleeping spot

We found Snow still crying at my neighbour’s porch after the man had already moved two month prior. We knew Snow was a Bengal as his owner told us so before he moved. We assumed he took the cat with him.


Who could abandon this sweet cat?

Hurricane was coming and I couldn’t leave him outside so I squatted and called, “Here Snow!” and the big boy jumped right in my arms. This was around 2011, 2012. From then on he was our big baby. He fathered two litters of cats with our Jewel. He brought us great joy and came just after we had lost another male cat who was as sweet as he was.


My little girl’s Bestie

So, of all the cat’s I have painted, all the cats to inspire me, sweet Snow I love and miss you.

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