Jan 19, 1986

My name is Damien Knight. I am a 32-year-old female to male trans-person. Today is my birthday. I have lived as male since 2009. I was on testosterone for 3 years and desperately want to get back on it. I also desire one other thing, top surgery.

I have lived 32 years in a body that causes me discomfort, anxiety and depression. The dysphoria once was so bad I attempted suicide. Today I no longer try to die but I think if I had surgery I would be less depressed. This year I hope to raise 1000 toward my goal. Please, for my birthday I ask that people donate toward my surgery fund. Thank You.

The Go Fund Me for my surgery The Shadow’s Journey : https://www.gofundme.com/TheShadowsJourney

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Surgery Costs

Damien Knight

So I am starting to save for surgery. a quick search shows that top surgery is at best estimate 5000 plus masculinizing surgery another 5000 so my goal is going to be between 10-15 thousand for surgery. If anyone can help I sell jewellery here, have a gofundme and you can support me on patreon. 

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And there we have it. Thanks everyone for continued support.  Updated 11/16/2018