Dark Fears

By Damien Knight

I have slept so long
Inside my dark coffin
Tonight you wake me
Like a siren with song
I see the curve of you
Your eyes piercing green
I am afraid now of judgment
From such an angel true
You will see me for the dark
Thing that I am and I fear
You keep singing softly
Like a soft meadow lark
I can’t bear the song
Knowing I had abandoned
That which I loved for sleep
You loved the dead all along

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Death of Deric: Arajuan’s Army

By : Damien Knight

Souless, lifeless, breathless men
Staring, glaring underhand
Marching, scheming, none dreaming
Just move forward; my command
This my army of undead
Risen now in my stead
Listless, motionless, they do march
Stiff and determined are my men
Hordes of shadow warriors follow
Ready, slaughter, create more dead
This my army, my legacy
Ride on dragons absolutely free
Death, destruction, armed elves
Killing orcs, they all felled
Prince rising, rose blade sword
Deric dying lightening storms

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