Life Giving Flow

Water, the ever crashing sea to shore
The source in the mountains flow
A trickle, a stream down paths
Water erodes and water grows
It etches rocks, smoothes pebbles
Water, life giving, life taking
The soul of the planet, water
People’s tears in drought heart breaking
Water pours from stormy skies
And bring about the healing rains
But also deep deep floods of sorrow
How water, swirling, is our pains
Drink deep the well of love
The joy that life giving spring
And how we hold our memories
Wash us over in happy things
The river, time, in weaving lines
Flows ever forward to the seas
And in my life water constant
Relief, growth, pain, joy, it washes over me

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The Water

By Damien Knight

Moana, the ocean calls, dance in waves
Hear her sing, the water sprays.
See the wind, it’s your path to pave!
Father? Mother? The water shows the way!
They expect you to be the perfect daughter.
I know how it feels, but Moana, please
Do not fear to take to the water.
Set your sail, dear, and follow the breeze!

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That is How I Love

By Damien Knight

I love with a burning fire
It sears through my soul
My heart is a hearth
Where those I love gather
My fire warms them
That is how I love

My love is the breath of air
It is a the fragrance
Cherry blossom on the wind
Carried to all the world
Covering them in adoration
That is how I love

I love as a flow of water
Steam through bends and curves
A life force for my lovers
They the vessel give me shape
My passion being fluid
That is how I love

Like the earth I am steadfast
Slow changing I love for ages
I loved you 10 years ago, I still do
The cracks in my emotions
Earthquakes just bring character
That is how I love

I love with divine spirit
My passion is powerful
Fueled by water’s life, air’s breath
Fire’s warmth, Earth’s embrace
My love is the life in me
That is how I love

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How to Think About Bottled Water

By Damien Knight

It was a hot day for April and I was checking in to Opryland Hotel in Tennessee for my honeymoon. I was parched and on my bed was a bottle of heaven. It was Dasani water. I think back on that day and recall seeing one water fountain in the entire building. Opryland is huge, surely there would be water fountains at every restroom.  Yet it seems water fountains are antiquated. This incident happened in 2006 but according to Reader’s Digest our bottle water consumption has increased 10% since then.

You might think we increased to this point because bottled water is just safer than the tap, right? I mean look at the pristine mountains on Aquafina’s water. The thing is Aquafina’s water comes from the same source as the tap. 25 percent of bottled waters come from Municipal tap water. Not only is most of these bottled waters not safer, they are expensive.

You end up buying this bottle water that is just as good as tap for 1000 times the rate of tap. It’s outrageous when you consider it.  I did not believe this myself, so I went to the Walmart in Bowling Green and a Casey’s in Russellville, Kentucky. I recorded the prices and compared that to Bowling Green’s Municipal. I placed my findings in the chart below.  The price per gallon for tap is 0.01 cent versus Aquafina which $5.12 cents a gallon. My favorite water, Dasani, was cheaper but still outrageous at $3.97 per gallon.

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