Time of Year

By Damien Knight

The cold bites my lungs
It burns my skin blue
Wrapped in sweaters
And buried under blankets
We fight the death of sun
And the return of winter
The leaves fall fast now
By the fireplace I knit
A winter scarf for the snow
Bound to come this year
Ghost tales play on the box
My dog barks eager for the cold
I wish to cuddle, watch shows
Play indoor games with the kids
Ah I won’t fight winter
Time with family never grows old

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Winter Play Time

Jay and Cera play during the first snow of winter.

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First Snow 2018: Town Square

It snowed all night in our small town. This is our town square. Wow so much snow! Beautiful right?  What is it like where you are?

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Snow Day

I sit thinking of how far I have been
And wonder where I will go.
I gaze out the window
To see the dusting snow.
It paints the landscape gracefully
With its winter chill
Such a beautiful season
The land is soft and still
I see the children playing
A snowman on the lawn
The cat is by the fire
Outstretched it gives a yawn
The tree is decorated
With lights, bobbles, and bells
Presents underneath it
the house, a sugar cookie smell
I curl upon the sofa
My lover is by my side
Carolers are singing joyously
The song wafting from outside
I breath in all around me
And I feel the season joy
All my senses inundated
And I am like an eager little boy
Waiting for santa on the eve
Wanting to see reindeer
And what is in the sleigh
Hope he carries more snow for me