Paleontology: A New Way to Study Fossils

By Damien Knight

The traditional study of morphology in paleontology is changing with the use of X-ray and tomography technologies. X-ray Computer Tomography (CT) Scanners and other X-ray techniques are aiding our understanding of fossils in greater detail. Traditional paleontology required digging fossils from their matrix which destroyed the samples to study them. New technology can penetrate dense rocks with resolution in the microns.

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Cera’s Favourite Garnet

#wkugeology #wku #homeschoolkidslearnmore #homeschool  Here my daughter is holding her favourite silicate stone, uvarovite garnets. Uvarovite garnets are the ugrandite garnet group with a chemical formula: Ca3Cr2Si3O12.  The green in this lovely garnet is caused by chromium. It is identified by it’s dodecohedran shape in groupings of small crystal, isometric crystal system and by it’s emerald green colour. The mineral is very rare and this sample at WKU is one of few they have. 

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