Holly’s Luau: A Doll Story

Written By: Aaron Knapp

Characters of this play:

Holly- Chan: A spunky blond haired girl

Kumiko: The go get’er brunette with pig tails

Akemi: The shy brown haired blue eyed one

Sumire: Despite her turquoise hair she doesn’t like standing out.

Ai Indigo: Goth princess Ai is the newest.

Akemi: sighs I heard Holly left again.

Sumire: moves to comfort Akemi It’s O.K. Akemi.

Ai: Oh?

Kumiko: playing with her hair Where did she go?


Akemi: Sobs Last time she left you guys got hair stuff and stuffies. I didn’t get anything!

Ai: Akemi, they didn’t come with hair sweetheart.

Kumiko and Sumire: In unison confused. We did?

Akemi: whimpers and I miss her.

Ai: If anything she’s in Hawaii

Aaron: What are we to do girls? I don’t think Akemi’s happy.


Ai and Kumiko: Thinking Hmmm.

Sumire: whispers softly How about a Luau?


Kumiko: I have an Idea!

All the girls look to Kumiko

Kumiko: How about a Luau!


Kumiko: enthusiastically All those in favor raise your hand.

Kumiko, Ai, Akemi: cheer in unison with hands raised. ME!

Sumire: Agitated at being ignored she grabs her hair Ah I give up!


Kumiko turns to Sumire with a hand on her shoulder. Sumire crosses her arms and looks down with a scowl.

Kumiko: Don’t be mad, Sumire. Besides we get to hear you sing.

Sumire: begrudgingly Oh I guess you’re right. I’ll go get ready.

They all go get changed into party clothes. 1 hour later they return to the dining room. 


Kumiko: Oh my gosh you’re cute Sumire and Akemi.

Akemi: Thanks.

Ai: Stunned Wow! Sumire, it’s not that formal.

Sumire: I aim to impress!

Kumiko: Where’d you get that shirt, Akemi?


Ai: giggles Probably the same place I got this.

Kumiko: Turns to Ai. Hmm?

Akemi: Yeah, it was just laying out.

Sumire: Oh! Do you know how to play that?

Ai: Yes, as a matter of fact I do.

The girls take their seat and Sumire takes stage. She begins singing for the girls. 


After Sumire finished Kumiko takes stage. She begins telling one of her favorite stories to the girls meanwhile…


Kumiko: telling here story And he looked EVERYWHERE.

Holly: hiding behind her travel bag thinking, “I’m not here.” 


Kumiko: turns to Ai It’s your turn Indy.

Ai: Oh, I wish Holly was here.

Akemi: Me too!

Sumire: I know she sings better than I do. A much better job than me.

Aaron: Hey girls! Somebody is here!

Holly: thinking “No I am not. I am not here teehehehe.” 

All the girls turn and catch her hiding. She is swarmed and hugged.


All 4 girls: Holly!

Holly: places a hand on Akemi’s head. Hey girls, I have an idea! Let me get changed

Holly goes to change while the other girls wonder what she’s up to. She returns wearing a bikini top and Hula skirt. She returns and they all clap in aw. Ai and her take the stage. Ai plays her Ukulele while Holly sings and dances for her friends.  



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4 comments on “Holly’s Luau: A Doll Story

  1. Interesting read. Very creative use of photography.


  2. How lovely. Interesting post!


  3. carefreespiritfairy says:

    This was really cool! I liked the doll with the teal hair


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