Destined, Broken (Dec 13 2011)

By Damien Knight

I am destined to remain broken
After all this still heartbroken
I had hoped for us, for so much
I loved her forever yearned to touch
I’ll love her forever I can’t change it
How I feel or the anguish I can’t forget
It rips away and eats at my soul
I thought it was her, I’ll never be whole
Wish I knew what to do what to say
When the sun rises and dawn becomes day
I am sure to sleep what’s the saying
Plenty of blood in this world to feed me
No, I mean plenty fish in the sea, whatever
None will due I thought, I want only her
Yes, I still love her I can’t help the feeling
This misery is how I am agony’s king
I fell in love and love haunts over me
Leaving me with tears and worry
I feel both whole and hallow in this world
A world abuzz with lights and without my girl
Ending with her hurts me like knives of ice
She used me for money though, not nice
I promised and I failed what can I even say
I couldn’t, I just couldn’t, and wouldn’t stay
I am glad, in the end, I’ll make it through
Her love was broken and not love true

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